Binary Search is a typical searching technique utilized in computer science throughout the long term. This is a pursuit calculation that requests all the components to be sorted first. In 1960 Derrick Henry Lehman distributed a parallel hunt calculation that worked in all PC exhibits.

Binary Search follows the Divide and Conquer strategy to overcome the disadvantage of Liner Search Algorithm which involves iterating over all the elements until the target element is found. Binary Search took down Linear Search by its O(log2 n) running time which is lesser than O(n) time. …

Django Installation and initial set up:

hello guys... I'm gonna share how to create your own weather app using open weather map API. you need some prerequisites.

  1. Knowledge about Django Installation
  2. Basics of front end technologies like HTML/CSS
  3. Rest API.
  1. Django

Django is a python based web framework which is used for rapid application development . Unlike other technologies, Django is based on MVT pattern. Model-View-Template pattern. which in the sense we use templates to define front end. lets deep dive...

installation :

run the pip command to install Django.

pip install django

Create a new Project:

django-admin startproject mysite

Support vector machines are supervised learning models used for classification. In this article, we are gonna learn about image classification. First of all supervised learning, we are gonna classify the data based on class labels.

Support vector machines classify the data based on the hyperplane. First, it plots all the data points. Then it classifies the classes of data by a hyperplane. The hyperplane should be the bisector which divides the two closest points of a different class. Those points are known as support vectors.

Support Vector Machine

This is how a support vector machine classifies the given input data. Now, we can…

Image processing can be used in various fields like medical imaging, identifying cancer cells, classifying flower families to face recognition. image-processing works by taking an image as an input and using a set of algorithms to extract the information from the image.

when an image is captured it will be stored as a two-dimensional matrix contains pixel values in each of its cells. Normally pixel values vary from 0–255 based on the colour intensity. while talking about colours we should know about the colour channels as well. …

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